Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

       I admired people that literally need five minutes to get ready. I used to spend so much time getting ready and in the end I was not satisfied on how I looked. Now I can proudly say that I am on of those people that get ready in a few minutes. Here is what I do in hot summer days when I have to go out in a hurry.

Outfit : dress and wedges
Make Up: tinted moisturizer , lip gloss, mascara
Hair: second day of curls ( if I don't have my hair done I just brush it and wear it straight )
Accessories:  Sun glasses, necklace , bag( not shown in the picks because my husband was holding it and I didn't realize it )  

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are You Consumed By Convenience?

There’s no denying we live in an age of convenience. Services and appliances abound to make every day less arduous.
We live in a fast-paced world: we have televisions, the internet and media enabling us to experience real life in real time wherever we are. Information is always available at our fingertips – and this has altered the face of commerce immeasurably. Our daily lives can be managed at the click of a button, our every want and whim bought and paid for.
Housework is almost a thing of the past – we barely do any relative to the amount of time and hard labor it used to involve prior to the age of technology. Labor-saving devices such as washing-machines and dishwashers have altered the way we manage our homes. Likewise, fridges and freezers have almost eradicated the need to shop daily. And today, as online supermarket shopping grows in popularity, the peril of perishable goods barely seems relevant.
Indeed, why cook at all when an assortment of fast-food outlets is just waiting to take this chore off our hands? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to assuage your hunger.
Should you choose to leave home to shop, however, you’re at liberty to pick a time that is most convenient to you. After all, we are living in a 24-hour society these days. You can pop to your local convenience store at any time of the day and pick up not only a pint of milk but also a parcel, courtesy of Collect plus. Who needs the traditional hours kept by the likes of post offices when much of what they do in a limited time frame can now be done when it suits us?
What’s continually baffling, however, is that the main aim of convenience is to free up our time for more pleasurable pursuits. It’s supposed to diminish our daily grind and enable us to shoot the breeze, stop to smell the roses and savour the simpler things in life. Why then, do we just seem to be busier?
We’re busier working to pay for our consuming and likewise being consumed by our work. It’s telling that more households have an internet connection than own a dishwasher, despite the latter being far less new-fangled than the former. A dishwasher is designed to save time, whereas the internet indisputably consumes it. So when we all claim to be pushed for time, why do we waste it so readily?
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Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

     As some of you already know I am an affiliate of SkinCareRx for a couple of months now. When they contacted me I was so excited because I really like their web site and everything that they offer. And let me tell you right at the binging that everything that I am writhing in this post Is my own honest opinion on the company as well as on the products mentioned. 
    Now lets talk about the product that I decided to get from the web site , and that is the TOO FACED Natural eye kit. The reason why I chose this one is because when the palettes came out  I decided to try the Romantic Eye collection, and never got the chance to purchase the Natural eye kit  until now. 
   The first thing and the most important for me is that shipping was amazing, although I live so far away the package was here in less then a week. Everything inside was nicely packed and nothing was broken. Here is the palette:
it came with a small eye primer tester
  And when you open it:

Inside has three cards that show you how to apply the eye shadows- that's handy
The pigmentation and the texture  of the colors is amazing , just look...
one swipe
           I've been using this palette for the past week and I am addicted, I even did the looks that are shown on the cards just for fun and they came out perfectly. The cards will help you a lot especially if you are a beginner and you don't know much about make up.The look that I used the most is the Day look and It works for any occasion, and it's good for traveling too. 
        In the package they send me sample sized creams to try out, another plus for the company for carrying about their costumers.
VICHY one of my favorite skincare line

I'll have to rate this product 5/5 because I LOVE IT.
Do I recommend it? YES, and it makes a great birthday present

Hope you all like this and if you still don't have it hurry and get it.
In my future posts I' gonna show you some make up looks using this palette so you can see how it looks
Thank you

Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello everyone!

I one of my previews posts I promised that I would do a make up look using the 
 BH cosmetics 5th edition palette. I really like the palette, I did 
so many different looks with it. So here is one of them , I hope you'll like it.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello everyone!

    Just a quick info to let you know about my FB giveaway. If you are interested go and check it out.

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Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

      I have never used BH cosmetics products before, but since everyone is raving about their products and how pigmented they are I decided to try some of their products. On the web site there are a lot of different palettes that you can choose from, and also you can customize your own palette. After a good long browse I ordered the 5th edition palette. The service was great I got my order in just few days, and that was so strange for me because all of my other order get between 10-15 days to be here because I live so far away, but not the case with this one so that I a huge plus. Here is how it got here :
They did pack it well nothing was damaged
nice and shiny :)
Don't you just love the colors
close up
             I was amazed when I tried it and let me tell you it was a good investment, I love how pigmented these colors are matte and shimmering both. The finish of them is so soft they apply perfectly on the eye and cheek cause I like to use my eye shadows like blushes too.You get 120 eyeshadow for around 20$ , you can't beet that, and you can do so many different looks mixing different colors that the possibility's are endless. I did a lot of looks the past few days and I got a lot of compliments, I'll post one of the looks next week. You might be thinking now that I get paid to say good things about Bh cosmetics but that is not true, I purchased the palette  with my own money and I am not an affiliate so you can be sure that what I'm saying is my own opinion and true review of this product. 

Overall experience : 5+, I am only sad that I got just one pallet.
Would I get other Bh pallets: YES , definitely

 If you are looking for a good pallet that has matte and shimmering colors 
and it's affordable this a pallet for you.
Do you like it?

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hello everyone!

           Today I refilled my nails, I wanted somethin simple but not all boring. I'm not gonna get in details of anything I'm just gonna post a pictures to show you:)

Do you like the design?
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